Weight loss with 14 day cleanse plan that works

I wanted to lose some weight for my wedding and someone suggested me 14 days cleanse program. I surfed the internet and came across several detox plans that could help me lose some amount of weight in 2 weeks. I selected a good 14 days cleanse plan that helped me boost the energy levels and improved my skin glow also. Attending my cousin’s wedding was a memorable experience as I looked stunning on her big day.

My journey for the 14 day cleanse program started with preparing a list of food items I can eat and the ones I needed to avoid. I got a diary and planned my diet for a week. Though it was difficult for me to stay away from sweets and alcohol, I managed it because I had to look great on the cousin’s wedding. No coffee, no booze. Writing everything I ate really helped me keep an eye on what I take in and really worked for me to shed those extra pounds. I stayed away from sweets, artificial sweeteners and honey for almost 14 days. Natural nutrition was always on my mind throughout the journey. My breakfast and dinner were replaced with raw fruits and vegetables and eating such items kept me full.
On the other hand, I focused on eating fresh veggies, lean red meat, chicken, fish and nuts. Green tea was something that I enjoyed a lot during the weight loss regime. During 14 days cleanse program, I exercised almost 30 minutes a day and I believe that this helped me sweat out the toxins from the body.
When you choose to opt for natural nutrition, you would be able to reduce the weight faster. Stay away from packaged foods and meals and focus on natural nutrition when you want to lose weight. Aim to chew every morsel you eat. This would help to improve the digestion.
Jot down everything you eat or add notes in your mobile phone. You can also look for long term detox program and stay fit. 14 day cleanse program will surely make you feel lighter and beautiful. There are separate fitness plans for men and women. Pick the best one and lose weight. While searching for 14 day cleanse plan, you’d come across different options. No matter what plan for weight loss you choose, make sure that you get plenty of vitamins and nutrients to make you healthy and fit.


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